eXpurgate virus protection

As part of its integrated e-mail security package, eXpurgate complements its reliable spam protection with a comprehensive antivirus solution comprising three components in a combination that enables excellent identification of known and new viruses:

eXpurgate virus outbreak detection


eXpurgate virus outbreak detection is a unique early recognition system that detects new virus outbreaks which
have just been released as they fi rst appear and in general several hours ahead of signature-based virus scanners.
eleven thus closes the security gap left by conventional antivirus solutions, and represents a major enhancement to your company‘s virus protection plan.

Code-based virus protection

eXpurgate virus protection uses a code-based method which exploits the main similarity between viruses and spam: like spam, viruses are spread through e-mail by mass mailing and are therefore subject to the bulk mail check criterion that the eXpurgate technology is based on. So viruses are reliably identified, with additional help from extra checking criteria.

Signature-based anti virus software AntiVir

An integral part of eXpurgate virus protection is the multi-award-winning antivirus software AntiVir from eleven’s technology partner Avira, the only German provider of complete antivirus solutions.

AntiVir reliably recognizes known viruses carried by e-mails by their assigned signatures. eXpurgate categorizes risky e-mails as “dangerous.virus“ mails along with the name of the virus or worm.