Spam-free e-mail account

Version 1:

If you want an e-mail account which is entirely free from spam then all you have to do is set up an additional e-mail address. In our configuration tool (username and password are required) you can then specify that spam and other unwanted e-mails will be sent to this new e-mail address in the future.

This will save you time and money because you will not have to download the spam mails anymore. This solution is also perfect when you're away on holiday, because in this case, all mass mailings (so-called bulk mails) can be automatically sent to another e-mail address.

In our support area, you can find comprehensive directions on how to change the address to which these mails are sent.

Version 2:

Some providers offer the option of setting up message filters on the web interface of your e-mail account. You can, for example, specify that the mails from eXpurgate which are categorized as spam are directly forwarded into a folder such as "Unwanted" or "Deleted". This folder is no longer taken into consideration when e-mails are accessed via POP3.

Your provider's support area will explain how such message filters can be set.

Please note that the filter options at some providers are very limited. That is why we recommend writing the result of the eXpurgate check in the e-mail's subject header. Please refer to our support area for instructions on changing subject headers.