Sending test e-mails

If you want to test eXpurgate, you are welcome to send as many test e-mails to your own address as you like ( yourname@spamfence.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). In order to be able to correctly categorise them, it is crucial to pay attention to the following:

Only use your e-mail program's BOUNCE function (*see below), instead of 'forwarding' the e-mails in the regular manner. The BOUNCE or "RE-DIRECT" function basically sends e-mails in their original form.

The normal forwarding process leads to substantial changes in the original e-mail, because not only the content but also the original sender information is changed. Because of this a mail which was originally Spam would no longer necessarily fulfill the criteria of a SPAM mail and thus would not be treated as one by eXpurgate.

In Outlook, the function is called "Resend this message...", which can be found in the "Actions" menu if the e-mail concerned has been opened with a double-click. This function is not accessible, however, if Outlook is just displaying the e-mail in the preview window.

In Netscape E-Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird, the function is called "Edit As New..." / "Edit Message As New" (accessible from the menu "message" or when right-clicking on a message).

In Eudora, please use the "Redirect" function from the "Message" menu.

Other providers and e-mail programs also offer similar a functionality to resend e-mails (without changing the text or sender information).

If you do not have this kind of function in your e-mail program, then we ask you to manually delete the forwarded mail text that is added by the e-mail program, such as:

        ----- Original Message -----

        To: john.doe@provider.dom
        Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 1:45 AM
        Subject: BIG Discounts !!!

and, if applicable, the automatically added signature at the end of the message.

*BOUNCE function: this function enables you to forward an e-mail in its original form.