How does it work?


How eXpurgate (the service behind spamfence) protects your inbox
can be divided into three main steps:

  • The user's e-mail address is for example: In the future, all e-mails which are sent to this address will be forwarded from the mail server at provider xyz (user mailbox 1) to the user's eXpurgate account:
  • There, the e-mails are checked to see if they are spam and receive an additional mail header in the process, which reports the result of the examination and classifies the e-mails as, for example, clear, suspicious or definitely spam.
  • eXpurgate then sends the e-mails to the user's second e-mail address (e.g. user@providerabc.deThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or The user can then access his messages from his second mailbox at provider abc or xyz (user mailbox 2).

By adding a mail header, this procedure offers you the option of defining a filter in your e-mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Eudora etc.), which reacts to these headers and immediately moves all e-mails identified as spam into a special folder (e.g. a 'spam' folder) so that in future no spam e-mails will appear in your regular e-mail inbox.

In order to completely cleanse your account of spam and other unwanted e-mails, you have the option of setting up one or more additional e-mail addresses and ordering eXpurgate to forward your e-mails, irrespective of the type of e-mail (e.g. 'clear' or 'spam'), to different e-mail addresses.

Please also read our helpful hints for using eXpurgate procedure for private users and refer to our FAQs for private users.

Important note: Even though you will be accessing your e-mails from your new account in the future, please don't forget to enter your original e-mail address as the sender address for all e-mails you send. Alternatively, you could enter your new address as the sender.