Frequently Asked Questions

I registered with Why didn’t I receive a confirmation e-mail?

In this case, your forwarding address might not have been set up or was not valid at the time of registration. Alternatively, you might not have entered your own e-mail address so that someone else received the confirmation. In this case you can re-register after 48 hours in case you want to use the same user name. If you want to re-register right away, simply use a different user name.

If you are already using a spam filter for the e-mail address where the confirmation is supposed to be sent to, especially a filter that only accepts e-mails after manual verification (e. g. SpamArrest or similar) the confirmation e-mail cannot be delivered either. It will be blocked by the active spam filter. In this case we would ask you to disable the spam filter and re-register with Spamfence.

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