Deleting Headers

1. Select the e-mail category for which you wish to delete a header from the top dropdown menu.

2. Then click the "Select" button.

3a. If you wish to delete a header which you added yourself, it will appear in the current window and all you need to do is click the Delete symbol.

Then click the "Save all" button.

3b. If you wish to delete a different header, please click the "New Rules" symbol in the "Deliver to ..." line.

4. Then click the marking to the left of the "Remove header" line.

5. Now enter the header you wish to remove - please only enter the part before the first colon.

Then click the "Add action" button.

In this example, all headers beginning with "example:" will be removed for the "Spam" e-mail type.

6. To save your settings, please click the "Save all" button.

Now you can introduce additional settings as you see fit.

IMPORTANT: The "Discard changes" button cancels all modifications made to the e-mail type in question.