Adding headers

1. Select the e-mail category for which you wish to add a header from the top dropdown menu.

2. Then click the "Select" button.

3. In the "Deliver to ..." line, please click the "New Rules" symbol to add an action.

4. You can now write your own header in the empty box.

If you want, you can use the variables suggested by eXpurgate. Please remember that the new header must be complete.

Then click the "Add action" button.

With this example, the e-mail header reads as follows:

For corporate users:
user-11: ATTENTION Spam sent to

For private users:
user-11: ATTENTION Spam sent to

5. To save your changes, click the "Save all" button.

Now you can introduce additional settings as you see fit.

IMPORTANT: The "Discard changes" button cancels all modifications made to the e-mail type in question.