User comments:

“I have long been searching for a reliable anti spam solution that would work at the server rather than rely on software on my PC. Better still, I can store and later verify email reclassified as spam really is spam and can safely be deleted.”

Gideon Baker
spamfence user from the UK

No spam.
No viruses.
No compromises.

We are proud to make reliable protection from Spam, viruses and other malware available for private users. Spamfence is based on the newest generation of the proven eXpurgate technology. With a Spam recognition rate of over 99 per cent, zero False Positives® and unique early virus recognition provides comprehensive protection for Spamfence private email inboxes.

Why you should use Spamfence:

  • Spamfence protects you from Spam, viruses
    and other malware!
  • Spamfence is free!
  • Spamfence ensures your privacy by
    not evaluating the contents of your email!

Simple to use

Very little effort is required to set up Spamfence. There are no complex configuration files or installation procedures similar to other anti-Spam solutions. More importantly, no training phase or training process is necessary to adjust the Spam filter's accuracy. Simply switching on the Spam and virus protection provides immediate results.

Integrated virus protection

Spamfence also offers complete virus protection. Spamfence's virus protection identifies viruses via three complementary methods of virus fingerprinting, outbreak detection and virus signature scanning. Spamfence users benefit by sensing virus outbreaks within the first few moments of an attack, hours before conventional virus scanners can react.

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